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We are not just a capital introduction firm. We will provide general business advise to start-ups and offer a number of additional services to “add value” including

  • Introduce them to external service providers
  • Advise on staffing
  • Advise on general reduction of cost base

We will also provide due diligence and prepare the entrepreneur to pitch to investors which will include

  • Initial due diligence in the business idea
  • Help to write the business plan and other information
  • Help with forecasting financials
  • Sizing the current market and potential growth
  • Corporate governance
  • Plan for exit (key for investors)
  • Retain an element of negative control


AYA generates investment opportunities through its extensive network .

Selective criteria are applied relating to business idea potential and proof of growth in market, strong entrepreneur credentials and compelling arguments supporting increasing margins, capital values and strong future yields.

Studies are conducted to validate the businesses ’ suitability for investment and whether to proceed with the due diligence process.

Due Diligence and Execution

A comprehensive review of the business is conducted including a returns analysis combined with thorough risk and regulatory assessment.

An examination of the business specific strategy is undertaken including establishment of a business plan and roadmap to exit to ensure the business achieves its investment potential whilst mitigating operational risks.

An examination of the micro and macro dynamics as well as financial, legal, tax, regulatory and accounting practices is undertaken.

If the meticulous due diligence process concludes that the business will deliver the target returns with a clear route to exit then the investment is executed


AYA believes in a fastidious approach to managing and monitoring investments.

A program, based on the asset specific business plan, is initiated per property in order to monitor both financial and operating performance and ensure the road map to exit is executed effectively.

The centrally important entrepreneur/investor relationship is developed with the aim of securing further rounds of funding with valuation uplifts thereby appreciating the business


AYA will work with the entrepreneur to ensure exits are line with the investment thesis, parameters and business specific business plan. An exit will take place via a sale of the property.

The exit will be conducted in a manner that will realise target exit returns while ensuring timing within the context of market conditions and property specific factors leads to the requisite capital appreciation.

A purchaser which would typically be a long term institutional investor, sovereign or pension fund would either be part of Aya’s strong network or come through a market sales process.

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