Please note that these opportunities are only available to Investors who meet certain criteria and are not available to retail investors. Please do feel free to contact us if you are interested in the services that AYA provide and we can advise if you are eligible to receive information on our opportunities.

At AYA we look over a wide range of industries for opportunities, concentrating on new businesses and early stage businesses looking for capital to grow. Initially we perform “deep-dive” due diligence for each opportunity.

Our aim is to allow investors to spread risk across different markets

We will put together a profile for each investor to take note of their preferred sectors, minimum returns and investment horizons

We will also look for social enterprises under SITR scheme.

Our opportunities will benefit from the government’s venture capital schemes


SEIS was introduced in 2012. Investors can receive initial tax relief of up to 50% on investments up to £100,000 and if they sell their shares after 3 years, any profit is free from Capital Gains Tax. To qualify the business must have been trading for less than 2 years and the company is raising less than £150,000


EIS aims to encourage investors to invest in smaller companies by offering up to 30% tax relief. The scheme also enhances returns by offering a capital gains tax emption after three years and further tax relief in the event of a loss. Under EIS each individual investor is allowed to invest up to £1million per year2

If you make a qualifying investment in a social enterprise, including a charity, social investment tax relief (SITR) can:
give you a reduction of 30% of that investment on your income tax bill for that year
let you defer a Capital Gains Tax charge if you reinvest the profits into a social enterprise
after 3 years, let you sell or give away SITR-qualifying investments that have gained in value, without paying Capital Gains Tax